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Sunrise in hand

  One day at dawn, there was a fairly large round bright spot, on the side opposite the window wall. And this light moved slowly.
 A tiny hole in the shutter lets enter light rays of sunrise. This natural phenomenon which projects the image from the outside in a dark bedroom ("camera obscura"), upside down, is the ancestor of the camera. As this is noticeable, one morning, by a tourist, then it has certainly been observed by humans for thousands years.
  The bedroom was not completely dark, because of the shutters, only the projection of the sun, which was the brightest object, was visible on the wall, and not the rest of the landscape. I raised my hand to hold the sun. Black lines passing over sun were the upper part of shadows of a palm tree‘s leaves between the room and the sun, stired by the wind of dawn.
 The following year the shutters had been painted brand new, the tiny pinhole was blocked by paint, now the sun remains OUTSIDE...