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about ‘Sans Dec’

No time has never been producing so many images than ours. 30 images are just one second of production time for one of the hundred TV channels we can look at .
During human history some images were hided for moments:
All the time in some muslim tradition; according to the holly calendar in catholic churches, statues were covered and hided under a canvas during a period each year before Easter...etc.

For the first time some images are now in the same time shown and hided, given and refused. European TV channel Canal+ shows encrypted images and you have to rent a machine to be able to look at them normally. If you do not, you can see encrypted image only. But some people look at this channel without decode machine, particularly to see erotic movies.

As an artist, i feel interested by this new relation
where desire of looking crosses technological and marketing barrels.
I found a kind of human humour in using oil paint on canvas (Audierne) or even woodcut etching (Toyama), which is one of the olders ways to reproduce an image, to paint like with tv as subject. tv subject is, anyway, humanity. And tv that we look at every day more than real space maybe, is a part of our landscape.

For Toyama and Audierne, PG01